Source code for basilisk.elasticsearch_entities

This module defines a Elasticsearch-backed model.

from elasticsearch.exceptions import NotFoundError
from six import with_metaclass

from .base import ElasticsearchModelCreator, MapModelBase, MapModelException

__all__ = ['ElasticsearchModel', 'ElasticsearchModelException']

[docs]class ElasticsearchModelException(MapModelException): """ Exception raised when errors related to Redis handling are encountered. """ pass
[docs]class ElasticsearchModel(with_metaclass(ElasticsearchModelCreator, MapModelBase)): """ This is the base class for Elasticsearch models. Internally they are just a Elasticsearch entity. This class enables reading object with given id, saving object and data (de)serialization. Elasticsearch connection is available in connect property. Dict of fields is available in _fields property. Reserved property names, apart from methods, are _fields, id_field and connect. :type connect: elasticsearch.Elasticsearch """ MapModelException = ElasticsearchModelException ElasticsearchModelException = ElasticsearchModelException namespace = 'elastic' connect = None
[docs] def save(self, create_id=True): """ Let's save instance's current state to Elasticsearch. :param create_id: whether id should be created automatically if it's not set yet. """ self._save(create_id) params = self.get_instance_key() params['body'] = self.serialize() self.connect.index(**params) return self
[docs] def get_key(cls, oid=None): """ This function creates a key in which Elasticsearch will save the instance with given id. :param oid: id of object for which a key should be created. :returns: Elasticsearch key (index, document and id). """ key = {'index': cls.__module__.replace('__', ''), 'doc_type': cls.__name__} if oid: key['id'] = oid return key
[docs] def get(cls, oid): """ This method gets a model instance with given id from Elasticsearch. :param oid: id of object to get. :returns: hydrated model instance. """ try: data = cls.connect.get(**cls.get_key(oid))['_source'] except NotFoundError: data = None if data: return cls(**cls.pythonize(data)) raise ElasticsearchModelException('No object with primary key {} of class {}'.format(cls.get_key(oid), cls.__name__))